I bought this along with the leatherman bit extender, which allows both these 2d bits and standard bits. Buy and sell locally. Center-Drive: Attached to the body VS Surge: Exchangeable. Extend your reach with the Leatherman Bit Driver Extension tool. Product Length 11 in. 4.7 out of 5 stars 44. Leatherman 42 Piece Bit Kit Set 2. This extension accepts standard 1/4 inch bit. FITS YOUR TOOLS: The bit extender can be used with any Leatherman with an exchangeable bit; It fits both Leatherman flat bits and standard 1/4" hex bits. share. So I have a lot of multi-tools to choose from when I’m getting ready to start my next project and the multi-tool I almost always find myself putting on my belt is the Gerber Center-Drive . This handy all-in-one set is one of those "how did I get along without it?" Whereas Center-Drive bit holder won’t accept Leatherman’s bits. Holds standard Leatherman bits and standard hex bits. BUILT FOR REAL LIFE: Made from the same stainless steel as Leatherman tools, your bit extender is tough enough to tackle any job life throws at it. Great product, if you have a Leatherman and do not have the original sheath. For use with any Leatherman tool or knife that features a large bit driver (Charge models, Surge, Wave, e306x/e307x, k502x/k503x, h502/h503). Leatherman’s Bit Extender is an optional tool which makes Leatherman bit driver to Full-length screwdriver. Kit Includes: 1. Leatherman Bit Driver Extender 1 year ago. Leatherman Fan. Because many county offices of Rutgers Cooperative Extension are also closed to the public, soil test kits may not be available for purchase locally. Simply select your frame size, frame color, hardware and … Edge: Leatherman Bit Driver Extender Bit Driver Extender. With the bit kit you can match just about any common screwhead, but the bit driver extender gives you an additional 3.25 inches of reach needed to turn your Leatherman into an actual bit driver. Our high quality window screen materials are manufactured to the size and specifications you need. $164.95 $ 164. Extend your reach with the Leatherman 3.25" Bit Driver Extender. This is a great set to have if you have any leatherman with the bit changer. Well made, room to add additional pieces (ie. File blade. Close. € 24,95 items every DIY-er simply must have. This Bit Driver Extender is compatible with the following tools: Charge + (all models) Charge AL; Charge ALX; Charge Ti; Charge TTi; Charge XTi long auger bit, spark plug wrench, screwdriver, 2 hex keys Certification EPA III Engine displacement (cc) 52cc Fuel type 25:1 oil / fuel premix, 89+ Octane unleaded Horsepower (hp) 2 Speed (max) 320 RPM Maximum Torque 45 ft. lbs. 2 comments. save hide report. diameter x 31 in. u/Coffee____Addict. Product Weight 20.10 lb. Product Height 13-3/8 in. 95% Upvoted. 6 in. DESIGN & FEATURES • Made specifically to hold the Leatherman Bit Kit & Bit Driver Extender. Bit set) or other items. Regarding accessibility, Leatherman is better. For use with any Leatherman tool or knife that features a large bit driver. The extension is also compatible with all standard 1/4 in hex bits so you can use it with the rest of your toolbox. I have a maxpedition pack that lets me put everything from the leatherman, bit kits, extender, fire steel, fire bellows and room for more all on my belt. There are a number of companies offering kits resembling the originals with modern bits and pieces, but if you want to build or restore a Dynaco as close to the spirit of the original as possible, Dynakit Parts offerings are a great choice. DIY bit extender/adapter for Leatherman wave. This Bit Driver Extension holds standard Leatherman bits and standard hex bits. DIY bit extender/adapter for Leatherman wave. Craigslist has listings for tools in the Central NJ area. Leatherman at your fingertips! • Unique insert, then twist to lock feature for the bit extender that insures the bit extender stays in place without the need of any magnets. Archived. 18. This thread is archived. Posted by. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. LEATHERMAN Surge Heavy Duty Multi-Tool, Black Oxide with 4 Pocket Nylon Sheath + Leatherman 42 Piece Bit Kit Set and Leatherman Bit Driver Extender. I own a lot of multi-tools from the 4 big manufacturers – Leatherman, Gerber, SOG, and Victorinox – and I don’t mind taking on a DIY project or two. Great product at a … New comments cannot be … Suitable for leatherman, Gerber and Victorinox tools with the 42 bit kit and extender bar plus mini flashlight. • Lightweight sheath provides protection while holding the tools securely inside and allows easy access. Secure fit on a belt, out of the way yet allows it to be there when you need it. FREE Shipping. Use this alternative: How to get your soil tested , and find the appropriate Soil Sampling Instructions and Soil Test Questionnaire; headings describe different land use and "crop" scenarios. Fits into the bit holder on any Leatherman knife or tool and accepts all Leatherman bits, as well as all standard 1/4" hex bits. Bits will also fit any Leatherman tool or knife with a standard bit driver, however there will not be tool storage for the long bits on any of the non-MUT tools. Includes reversible ratchet handle with 1/4" hex shank, 100 assorted bits and holders of nearly every specialty and standard variety and a heavy-duty molded plastic storage case. measurements Tool 11.5cm pouch 13.5cm x 6.6cm x 6cm solid brass studs and press stud will fit 2" work belt Multitool, bit kit and extender not included. 95. Product Description.

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