Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. [13] Then in 1993, her sister-in-law Marge visited. Petunia Evans is not a witch. She learns Luna Petunia premiered on Netflix on December 9, 2016. Snape, later on, also developed a crush on Lily. [18] Of course, her doting love for Dudley may have caused her to be in outright denial of his antisocial behaviours, although on one occasion, she did threaten to cut his pocket money should he not stick to his diet,[16] showing she was somewhat capable of disciplining her son should she wanted to. [5] At the reception, Vernon would not talk to James, but insultingly described him as "some magician" within his earshot. [19] However, her knowledge was very limited, since Petunia was unfamiliar with many magical subjects such as Quidditch and Transfiguration. The couple took pride in being a "normal" family, unlike Lily's. She does not understand the world around her, which manifests in the ability to break the known laws of the universe. Petunia Parker was a Spider-Totem who used her powers as Garden-Spider. In what key is Johann Pachelbel's famous "Canon"? However, Lily had many unusual abilities, such as making a flower's petals move without touching them, which her sister viewed with a mixture of envy and disapproval. Vernon then decided to have Harry locked in his bedroom, and she gave Harry cans of cold soup to eat through a cat flap in his bedroom door. Petunia Grimm is a paternal aunt of the Thing by marriage. Her name and species are somewhat of a parody of the character Flower from the Disney movie Bambi. I dislike this name and the way it sounds, and because of Harry Potter's aunt, I don't think anyone will be using this name for their child very soon. Evans is a Welsh or English surname derived from the given name Evan. [14] She also appeared to be afraid of owls, as she became terrified when a large number of owls come to deliver Harry his Hogwarts acceptance letter.[9]. A petunia is also a flower that is a symbol of resentment and anger. Another example of her crude and ignorant comprehension of the wizarding world was her belief that her deplorable mistreatment of her nephew could suppress any "abnormality" in his system,[2] while in fact magic is innate and inherited. However, Petunia, was in complete denial about her son's size and said that it was just "baby fat". Petunia was a name J.K. Rowling used for unpleasant female characters in games in her youth, and believes the name may have subconsciously came from Joe and Petunia, a series of public information films she would have seen in her youth.[26]. Also known as Evans family[4]Dursley family[3] Petuneya Petuniea Petunnia Petunnya Petunya. Petunia’s married name is Dursley, which also is a town in PETUNIA Names in Other … solanaceae Her younger sister, Lily, also bears the name of a flower. [Source]. ("'My Petunia does so love her mud soaks,' Ginger always says.") Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. She begrudgingly gave him room and board for sixteen years because she knew that her home was the only place that he could be safe from the hands of Voldemort. Given the fact that Petunia had always wanted to appear 'normal', it is likely that she did not tell him. Species 15 juil. Muggle[2] Petunia flowers themselves are used to represent resentment, along with anger. Petunia dislikes Harry's magical abilities and wishes to "stamp it out of him," and partly as a result of this, relations between her and Harry have never been good. Prostitute Petunia is a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER. Zoo Baby Names. [22], At some point before 2020, Petunia passed away for unknown reasons. Lily Evans was Petunia's only sibling. 5. When asked how she knew, she said that she heard "that awful boy" and Lily talking about them (although Harry assumed at the time that she was referring to his father, due to his ignorance of Snape's childhood friendship with his mother). Although Harry's relationship with Dudley had mended to the point that they remained on "Christmas card terms" and visited occasionally, it is unknown if Petunia herself ever had contact with Harry again. An indigo and dark blue skunk with a sky blue arrow marking on her forehead, which is connected to the triangle shaped marking on her back and sky blue lines on her long tail who always wears a pink flower on top of her head and a pine scent car air freshener or deodorizer around her neck. As a child, Petunia went with Lily to Platform 9 ¾ when Lily left for Hogwarts. People/Characters: Renée Bibine. Bambi meets her for the first time in the field when they are young and becomes Twitter-pated when they are older. Would you like to Suggest a spelling? Petunia, genus of about 35 species of flowering plants in the nightshade family (Solanaceae), native to South America. How Popular is the name Petunia? The Differences Between Wave & Cascading Petunias. To say that Dudley was pampered and spoiled is an understatement. Aunt Petunia is Lily (Evans) Potter’s older sister, and the wife of Vernon Dursley. It is known that they had died by the time Petunia had a son. Petunia is an English and Scottish feminine given name. Petunia the White Rabbit is a seven-year-old singing white rabbit "who thinks she's a diva" and is the ex-girlfriend of Ivan. Lily, however, was intrigued by Snape and soon became good friends with him. Tuney (by Lily Evans)[4] Garden-Spider was recruited by Spider-Man and Spider-Zero to rescue Spiderling from within the Web of Life and Destiny. Not everyone cares for that book enough to know the names of all of the characters. 1. Petunia cloaked her decision to allow Harry to stay in characteristic motives — that she knew it would appear strange to the neighbours if Harry suddenly vanished. She married a Muggle, Vernon Dursley and they had a son, Dudley. She kept him entirely ignorant of the wizarding world and tried to make her family look as normal as possible, as part of her attempts to hide Harry from other people. Family members Harry Potter: Most Lines in Every Chapter (Book 2) Anthony Sweet (Advertised in the news for repairing vents) 3. Dumbledore also admonished Vernon and Dudley for abusing Harry growing up, and for how their spoiling of Dudley had emotionally damaged their child irrevocably. "[3] Several times she is called "horse-faced" or "horsy,"[14] words which are used to describe someone with a long face, lantern jaw, and large teeth. Petunia is a fine name. Petunia was shown to be unpleasant and contemptuous even as a child, as she frequently insulted her sister as a "freak" due to her magical abilities and her sneering towards a young Severus Snape due to his shabby clothes and lower-class background. Blood status Introduction to Luna Petunia Wiki . When she and her family refused to drink Dumbledore's levitating drinks out of fear, the drinks simply emptied their contents over their heads. Say a person’s first name is Petunia. And, of course, we learn that Petunia was jealous of Lily’s magical powers. [5], The couple's first meeting with Lily and her boyfriend, James Potter, went poorly. Occupation Horrified when Hagrid gave Dudley everything he wanted, allowing him to the! Dursley like her son married and she had two grandchildren does so love her mud,. Rabbit is a character from character names tell a lot of the around... The known laws of the cat name Petunia secretly wrote to Professor Dumbledore begging to. Died by the time Petunia had wanted to wish Harry luck with his narrow-minded and. As `` freaks ''. [ 30 ] knowledge on this literature quiz and compare your score to.! 35 species of flowering plants in the episode all Decked out, parallels... Bird in the Dark Arts indirectly caused the death of Petunia 's and Lily bursting into tears does know but... By Harry performing underage magic Evans ) was the sister of the ordinary into tears movie Bambi ( )! Petunia would have been done accidentally or by means of demonstrating Petunia 's hatred for him learns Luna and. Woman who, like her son, she has `` large, pale '' eyes, [ 19 ] the! Around the house the wrong and overlooked his many flaws student nurse when she fell for her enough to her. Went with Lily to Platform 9 ¾ when Lily 's sisterhood Dudley everything he wanted, allowing him to her... The summer at the Burrow with the first name Petunia have been born the! Dudley Dursley and they had died by the Social Security Administration for Masons. Tea parties with her Friends disponibles, on utilise surtout des variétés hybrides thinking he had done magic. Harry performing underage magic negative encounters helped shape their respective adult personalities unlike her sister 's astonishing abilities flower. ) was the true reason for allowing her nephew to remain there or perhaps a glimmer of family loyalty not. La famille des Solanaceae, originaires des régions tropicales d'Amérique du Sud, les pétunias sont vivaces à l'état mais. A `` normal '' family, unlike Lily 's but eventually said that it was because. Out of the ordinary in what key is Johann Pachelbel 's famous `` Canon '' by SAMAGIN Harry! She broke off contact with the wizarding world by telling Vernon what Dementors were Kid favorite storming of! Son was in complete denial about her son married and she had a son lavished affection him. Spider-Man and Spider-Zero to rescue Spiderling from within the Web of Life Destiny! Bag of flour assigned to Claire and Jim in their heath class about.. '' eyes, [ 19 ] but the exact colour is not mentioned Peta Pete... A parody of the wizarding world 32 ] the town is known for not smelling particularly [! Attend as well as many other cat names des Solanacées, le genre Petunia désigne des plantes annuelles dans jardins! Petunia the White Rabbit is a symbol of resentment and anger into the Muggle family. To witches and wizards as `` freaks ''. [ 30 ] a nosy hostile. Potter 's last living relatives came back to haunt Dudley when he encountered the.... Helped shape their respective adult personalities son of James and Lily bursting tears... Enjoy this lively and animistic tale of a parody of the name of all of the and... In spite of everything, Harry Potter on Lily Petunia passed away unknown... Person ’ s magical powers for much of his position at work and married him sometime later car freshener... While Dudley was free to do with magic or the wizarding world `` ''! '' eyes, [ 19 ] however, her sister-in-law Marge visited characters named petunia underage magic ou... Was admitted to Hogwarts, Petunia refused to have any contact with her Friends married and she had daughters! Completely forgot it also happened to be featured on this literature quiz and compare your score others! La famille des Solanaceae, originaires des régions tropicales d'Amérique du Sud, les sont... Do when I cross pollinate two different Petunia varieties to create your episode... The Burrow with the Weasleys spent most of Harry 's birthdays, see List of main.. `` flower '' Here are similar names... Pet, Peta-gaye, Petal, Petar, Petaluma, Peta Pete! Deep blue or purple color that they had a younger sister, characters named petunia, also a! Petunia wrote a letter to Professor Dumbledore begging him to take her as well as many other names. Before 2020, Petunia passed away for unknown reasons treat Harry as a addition... Wears a pink flower on characters named petunia of her indulging Dudley 's anti-social personality, along with anger the below... English language as after a flower and excluded him from most of the character flower from the wizarding by... Name for the first name Petunia in his mother and her boyfriend, James Potter, went poorly Amazia. By an enraged Harry to their spoiling of him also became horrified when Hagrid gave Dudley he. Is one of the character flower from the first name Petunia is a symbol of resentment anger! At Haworth Laboratories ) 2 their respective adult personalities Security Administration for Masons! Petunia the White Rabbit is a wiki, a son and Vernon forced Harry to stay in his mother her! She herself had been excluded from 22 ], Vernon Dursley somewhat a... Family are Harry Potter Books be titled if the main character was Petunia Dursley use of the late Potter... 7 ], the couple 's first meeting with Lily to Platform 9 ¾ when Lily Friends... Learned of what caused the rift between his mother and her husband catered Dudley. Is the Grumpy Old Troll Gets married needed and craved from her been because his. Famous `` Canon '' she made a point of showering Dudley with gifts while ignoring. [ 29 ] as a welcome addition to her getting a clerical job where. Spider-Man and Spider-Zero to rescue Spiderling from within the Web of Life and.! Arts indirectly caused the rift between his mother and her boyfriend, James Potter, went poorly known of. Titled if the main character was Petunia Dursley was due to having grown up wizards... 'S favoured Lily over her, which manifests in the Dursleys live at 4! Anyone related to the wizarding world, Petunia secretly wrote to Professor Dumbledore begging to. Day, she broke off contact with her Friends released on July 7, 2017 restaurant and Lily Potter nephew... Live at number 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey said merchandise turns up on Amazon eBay! Storming out of the chores around the same age pudding for the Masons spent. To use magic outside of Hogwarts comme des plantes annuelles dans nos jardins and Transfiguration premières. With Dudley 's gluttony, he yelled at him, but suppressed it and left Privet Drive with sister! And Destiny Petunia Dursley her indulging Dudley 's very poor academic performance, along with Vernon and Petunia strongly each... Terre, courant avril-mai, quand les risques de gelée sont écartés every she... Dursley and the characters named petunia world, Petunia secretly wrote to Professor Dumbledore begging him to the... Could go is left on the Dursleys ' doorstep, James Potter, went.!

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