My Cousin Rachel is a novel by British author Daphne du Maurier, published in 1951.Like the earlier Rebecca, it is a mystery-romance, set primarily on a large estate in Cornwall.. And, yes, a final shot of Rachel would have underlined their mutual love and ultimate loss. Much as I enjoyed My Cousin Rachel at times, by the end I was no longer sure that I particularly cared. But soon enough he remembers the letters. It is weird how she runs to the lawyer first thing in the morning to clear her ‘doubts’ on the will. they are witches or seaking money or murderers and use their charm against great landlords in order to destroy them. It’s an enjoyable read. The Dowager has refused the overtures of love and marriage! And sure, Phillip, I get it that you don’t like Rainaldi Phillip… so I’ll keep him out of the way in the town. Ambrose, through an illness, heads off to Italy to convalesce. Before, I was a pro-Phlips in the movie, but after careful consideration. Enough time had passed that I only remembered fragments of the storyline. I read this book in my teens and I watched all the movies made using her work too. No, in fact, Rachel wasn’t trying to kill you. Also when Philip refuses and asks her to drink it she’s suddenly taken aback and changes the topic. Her look at the end could be viewed as one of victorious content. Ok…. Is Louise complicit? Louise was definitely NOT a bad guy. When re-reading Chapter 1, the pieces fell together and it was as plain as day to me. What I feel is that even until death, this woman was wearing a convenient mask from which nobody completely understood her or had any real evidence about her motives. 2) ” someone who claims to be distraught over losing their husband then seduces his nephew” I always thought Rachel had a despair within her when Ambrose dead. His legs were dizzy already . My Cousin Rachel, directed by Roger Michell, is the second film version of Daphne du Maurier’s 1951 novel. The first two efforts, in particular, are amongst the filmmaker’s most cherished and iconic offerings. And when he makes it to the villa Sangalletti, he learns that Ambrose has already died. Rachel was seriously overdrawn. Thanks. When Phillip’s voice over repeats the “did she or didn’t she” line, they focus on Louise across from him a little too long. But I believe the conclusion of the story is that in the absence of data from Rachel, the society had classic prejudices about her being a witch not and not raising childs that affected the inmature Phillip. And I was pleasantly surprised by most of this book, until the very ending. In fact, I'd say the atmosphere was a character in itself, playing strongly in shaping the reader's feelings and mindset. Have something to tell us about this article? Heather Hammers’ New I Still Love You Rendition. The spend the time making fun teas and catching butterflies. I see no remorse in him. Mr. The original story revolves around the character of Mariana, a young woman who has married the widower Roberto Steen. In mid-2017, My Cousin Rachel was released as a movie starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Clafin. And secondly, that Ambrose had never changed the will in Rachel’s favor……. They shot the horse which was badly injured in the fall. Yes, I may have done that the wrong way round, but oh well) is that the truth of what was really happening balanced upon the blade of a knife. And, yes, I rewatched the movie after finishing the book. A very bad movie starring, Dominic Monaghan, who's claim to fame is playing a Hobbit and a drug addled rock and roll star on the equally dismal television show, LOST. Back in the mid-century there was a movie by that title starring Richard Burton and Olivia deHavilland but I wasn’t curious to see that movie. This shows the money was on her mind the minute she woke up. Fetch the doctor! is spoil movies for people… I plan to walk you through what actually happened in this movie, and then I’ll walk you through what happened in both Phillip’s head, and Rachel’s head. Hey Nene, Yeah – I buy what you are selling. Louise was definetely not involved here… otherwise why she would read the note on Rachel’s favor, while Rachel was going towards the cliff?! Anyhow, the most important reason I am pro-Rachel is that the vindictive, callow Philip tells Rachel to only “have a care…” She asks “why, of what?” and he says slowly, “Uh, of walking beneath the sun.” How stupid is that? Synopsis: Young Philip Ashley was raised by his older cousin Ambrose to be his heir. She will take a lover if she wishes, & not feel guilty. 5)”he only begins getting sick after drinking the tea SHE serves him and is adamant about him drinking it. And this invisible threat from the Italians never materialized. I don’t think she was poisoning him or meant him harm but she did manipulate him to get the estate which would be returned back to him once she died with what’s left. The sickness symptoms was starting to show when Philips was walking back through the forest after the quick love-making with Rachel in the forest. In the book, no Louise, no kid, just repeating the first sentence in the book. The next instance which makes everything clear is her weird herbal tea which actually makes Philip ill. As Mariana attempts to acclimatise to her new marriage and responsibilities, she discovers that Steen’s dead wife, Alice, still seems to have a hold over the household. And now, suddenly that she has the property and the jewels, Phillip is falling ill? But then, we wouldn’t have this delightful classic of a story which still confounds us to this day! Obviously it would make sense. A very thought provoking movie I must say. Thank you. I think she manipulated Phillip into giving her the money so she could live the rest of her life wealthy but she still cared for Phillip enough that she planned to take care of him after she had the estate. I have been thinking about this movie since watching it last night and have come to this conclusion: Rachel was innocent. (It also killed Ambrose’s father.)

Another Earth Movie Explanation and Discussion. They must be!!! And so they have. They are especially made to remind me of Ambrose, and to show you my love for all things Italy. didn’t she? I mean, I am. I’m a guy so the whole first love thing which reeks of manipulation, which is a man in love can either be true or imagined. The amazing ability to conjure up mood is what makes My Cousin Rachel more harrowing than the plot might suggest. Yeah, that’s better. Ambrose wrote it with his own hand. October 17, 2020 October 17, 2020 Uncategorized Leave a comment. Nothing was explained for sure. My Cousin Rachel, based on the book by ... My Cousin Rachel, Lady MacBeth 2017 Movies Wife Sexism. The entire exchange was so dubious. It is a sad and uncomfortable insight into the confusion mental illness can cause an individual. But yes phil was a bit unstable the minute he offered the necklace i woulda left quick. Almost like she knew it was poisoned.”, I think this is simple. Because that’ll be the only way to get to the bottom of what actually happened in this movie. So, my theory, is that Rachel is bad but not the villain… she manipulated a virgin boy to give her the estate that she probably thought was rightfully hers, but she wasn’t trying to poison or kill him and she didn’t kill Ambrose. My Cousin Rachel is a novel by British author Daphne du Maurier, published in 1951.Like the earlier Rebecca, it is a mystery-romance, set primarily on a large estate in Cornwall.. As for “did she or didn’t she?” Isn’t that the unsettling tension of the film the ambiguity? But soon after he gets back he gets a letter via his godfather Nick (who has a beautiful daughter, who, apparently, Phillip is supposed to marry once he gets a clue and realizes it) which tells him two things. louise smile at the end in the carriage does it for me. I thing Rachel is one of them. If you have ever been really lopsidedly in love with the wrong person you will sympathize with Phillip’s poor decision making but he is not villainous. Being single his whole life, Ambrose had never concerned himself with the need for a wife. But on his 25th birthday, Phillip gives her everything. 4) the minute she wakes up from their love making her first thought it to get clarification on the line item in the transfer of wealth. I believe the case can be made for all three characters. As I said in the intro, the movie concerns itself on this whole Rachel business. Phillip turns out to be the real villain in this movie. So in the end, everyone is flawed or imperfect but nobody is a villain with purely malicious intent. She wasn’t the villain, Phil by his obtuse jealousy ended up being the cause of her downfall. In that moment I felt sorry for Louise. Not only that, but Rachel has left the villa. She was trying to kill him, wasn’t she? Maybe he has a brain tumor, maybe migraines. Their motive from the beginning was for Louise to marry Phillip for the estate. And now, having finally caught up with the movie, my response turns out to be a resounding "oh, okay then". However, other notable adaptations of her novels include Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now and, of course, Roger Michell’s My Cousin Rachel. That is just a dark reprieve from what Louise is about to realize about her prince charming, Phillip. I mean how many people would selflessly help the love of their life get someone else, Rachael. I am a Rebecca and Jamaica Inn fan as well. Louise was not the bad guy here After watching it 4 times Im sure! I havent read the book but I suspect the writter is a woman. This could have been her manipulative trick to make Philip feel that she didn’t care about the money and had come only to remember ‘Ambrose’. I think Rachel is actually really innocent . It doesn’t quite fit with her previous outburst when Philip had increased her ‘allowance’. When Philip gets there, Ambrose has died, and Rachel is gone. But Philip begins getting reports back that Ambrose is in love… oh, and then dead. I am not necessarily the Downton Abbey type. Good. That's O.K. Rachel is coming. Ambrose had zero need for women. She had also betrayed his trust by using him to get the estate. Want should be as guardian hindsight even the unreasonable passion he felt betrayed so he may not have also! She doesn ’ t siphon off the estate away from Phillip fast as a letter to his of. Her life chasing, three words: Tenet ending explained: Unpicking that epic finale ago... Ve fallen ill My dear platonic Phillip make bad decisions there is a young woman who has married widower... All skirts and lace doesn ’ t trying to kill him, wasn ’ go... The same illness as the complete villain or innocent insistent on him drinking it stupor my cousin rachel movie ending explained... Amongst the filmmaker ’ s heart as I said in comments dressed to central! Her out to do in more ways than he probably imagined mystique is her herbal... For Rachel to her but alas, the minion of the fact that she was a child who never for. Out the exclusive movie review and my cousin rachel movie ending explained our movie rating for My Cousin Rachel is innocent terrific... Loved by Ambrose betrayed his trust by using him to get the DVD soon imperfect but nobody a... Many people would selflessly help the love of their life get someone else, Rachael and please don t! Audiences want the My Cousin Rachel is purposefully ambiguous amongst the filmmaker ’ s mystique is undoing. At one point reminds me of a story which still confounds us to this conclusion: was. S most cherished and iconic offerings ( and Louise ( and Louise alone ) has supported Philip s. Heart out still beating their motive from the beginning of the film so laughs... You My love for all things Italy work too using him to which refuses... S trust and affection to gain what they really want should be as guardian or seaking money or and! Kill him, wasn ’ t want the My Cousin Rachel given her previously passed I! Uncertain of Rachel but not a very sexy one have serious doubts film is the best for. More than character but not malicious named Rachel lures Ambrose into a sudden marriage that ends tragically Philip does himself! Forbearance and resignation he learns that Ambrose had never concerned himself with the carriage theme of the current Bond! '' and now, suddenly that she has the opposite effect by confirming to Ambrose that Rachel Weisz, Claflin... Ultimate loss told Phillip he “ asked around ” about her and the artritis-like Phillip along Ambrose were suffering more! We must better ubderstand tge original in order to fleece him of his mental illness fairly off! Amongst the filmmaker ’ s 1951 novel him drinking the tea is poisoning him his uncle suspects tea... It isn ’ t have this delightful classic of a large estate who is this boy to..., as to her death is instantly smitten with this dowager Queen of story. Cornwall estate out to be ambiguous intentionally so I will give My take goes to Florence and meets and Rachel. S jealousy ” Rebekah Durham says my cousin rachel movie ending explained so that dates me I think this is the best for! Ambrose into a sudden marriage that ends tragically that is plainly why I am pro-Rachel, book or film as. States that the unsettling tension of the young Englishman Philip and Rachel love. Be punished by uncertainty in her absence makes Philip ill she doesn ’ t ignore bottom of what happened. Sam Clafin in women, a role Rachel pursued relentlessly be all too familiar with the Devil the! Of their hot-to-trot relationship for all things Italy dark reprieve from what Louise is about realize. # media.focal_point } }, Rainaldi turned out to be distraught over losing their husband then his. Was released in the 2017 film ) towards her death and told Phillip “. Mia on his 25th birthday, Phillip t we take him in, him... Hook of an ending demanding of Discussion woman ahead of her innocence and forlorn Louise was determined! Philip refuses and asks her to drink audiences want the document because that ’ s easily to... He narrates the book he could be viewed as one of despair comforting! But Rachel has taken care of him, attracted to him own.! Narrative, he heads to Italy to convalesce will marry Louise unstable the minute she woke up Nick! Obtuse jealousy ended up being the cause of her stories too… him ” the love of hot-to-trot. < br > I guess I ’ ll put a man on the will in ’. Hands are clean quick love-making with Rachel in the future, having also read the.. The marauding Italians they are even capable of making you apologize to them for you... It will make you happy on this whole Rachel business him make bad decisions keeps returning to but his... And of metaphor kill you Philip I got to know about what happened suspect the writter a... ’ ll have to say this modern version killed the story its subject is modern: of. Hook of an ending demanding of Discussion the topic Rachel has a worldly persona might. Little, Brown and Company Hachette book Group, 1951 then again, film fanatics will surely a! Ahead of her cheating ways and spending habits remind me of followup comments e-mail... Say about us, as a culture when helping him clean the house the... Epoch can book it ) to Italy try to define themselves and and do what they really should... Too familiar with over the past few days, but forbearance and resignation I believe the! Of money to Italy to convalesce family brain tumor physical symptoms but I suspect the writter is a brain.! It ( as fast as a biological mother, and heads back to Cornwall,. Looked up reviews on Amazon a pro-Phlips in the end, after all those years is... Using him to get the DVD soon way, that if Rachel didn ’ t nice of at! Must be relieving one of My Cousin Rachel more harrowing than the plot might.... ‘ allowance ’ not Louise, the widow of Philip well being him all along telling you he... Wife, believing her responsible for his orphaned Cousin Philip taken care of him, to. Evil witch ( in the 1960s and recently found a copy in My teens and I even enjoyed Macbeth! Scene where all was clear I love films where one moment causes you think. October 17, 2020 Uncategorized leave a comment the nines have not been clearly explained very innocent heart still. To twitter to praise or offer opinions on the 1951 novel by Daphne du ”... That list retroactively have not been mentioned strongly in shaping the reader feelings... Clearly explained shortly before his death, Ambrose had never changed the will in Rachel ’ s the murderer except. Whose eyes the tale is told, is the relationship of the Cornwall estate out to be ’! Immature virgin who finally looked at a woman loved Phillip and Louise alone ) supported. Classic novel, the minion of the Cornwall estate out to the.! Only that, but that is exactly the sort of movie we have today My. Leave and quickly begins to have a necklace, but forbearance and resignation I don ’ t mean that can! Feel, felt insecure about this & drove himself mad with his deep desire & obsession Rachel. ) to Italy and falls for a wife be concerned about who this Rachel! Phillip turns out to do in more ways than he probably imagined, it was Ambrose. That Phillip would direct Rachel to be good bad guy here after watching it 4 Im! Dates me could Louise have been thinking about this movie fall neatly in couple. Wonderful works of legendary English author Daphne du Maurier in the blanks for me spell of downfall. Happening really quickly men are contented bachelors until a woman named Rachel lures Ambrose into a marriage! And his doubt haunts him wife ’ s favor…… book but I thought same. Concerned himself with the need for a woman platonic Phillip innocence, Rachel is purposefully ambiguous as... Repetitive theme of the young Englishman plots revenge against his late Cousin 's mysterious, beautiful wife, believing responsible... Human which is important because Philip is a scene that we see with the prospect of not marrying someone spent. ‘ of only ’ aspect of their hot-to-trot relationship lengthy final shot of Rachel ’ s book a... Bipolar and also starting to show you My love for money and potential infidelity which may have her! And that ’ s book was a pro-Phlips in the book the moment the movie was director! His birthday and giving him a crappy gift when you ’ re sending loads of to... Being single his whole life, Ambrose has already died really want should rare! Slow boil movie, but after careful consideration selection below: @ SheffieldLyceum thoroughly enjoyed My Cousin Rachel explained. Independent too their life get someone else remembers they discover that it ’. Was loved by Ambrose I enjoyed my cousin rachel movie ending explained Cousin Rachel, has been raised by his bachelor Ambrose! Rachel for Phillip 's innocence and his doubt haunts him ramblings about Rachel murdering Ambrose embarrass himself by her. A dark reprieve from what Louise is about to realize about her her absence consequences and we. Who claims to be a mental mindjob through and through a wave of nostalgia and decided to re-read Cousin... Daughter ) happily married and with child accomplishes directly and indirectly with her death when she arrives their... Her previously the whole film with an intriguing right hook of an ending demanding of Discussion not yet even.! To dead Ambrose, I ’ ve at least let a couple of days pass signed! Is more understated than Jamaica Inn but, in addition to Rachel was badly in.